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  1. What is the effective price?

    The effective price is the gross price of our services minus 20 %. These 20 % will be fully reimbursed in the course of your income tax return. That means you will pay the 20 % to the tax office in advance, and you will get the money back after submission of your income tax return.

    The legal regulations in detail:

    Private persons can deduct up to 20 %, and since January 2009 a maximum of 20.000 € from their wages for house-hold related services, that means up to 4.000 € in the income tax return from your tax liability. Simply attach your invoice to your tax return or give it to your tax consultant.

    Source: Wikipedia

  2. How can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

    In order to cancel the appropriate appointment simply log into our backend. Consider that, an appointment can be canceled/rescheduled up to 5 days before hand free of charge.
    Thereafter costs might arise due to cancellation/rescheduling
  3. Which methods of payment do you offer?

    Currently you can choose from VISA/MasterCard, debit card and cash.


    For people wanting periodical cleaning, we recommend them to state a credit card or debit card during their order, then we will deduct every appointment from this method of payment, and you won't have to have cash in your home.
  4. When will Maideasy be available in my city?

    We are regularly expanding into other large cities. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will inform you promptly.

  5. Is Maideasy an option if I only want a one time cleaning?

    No problem. We will come over, even if you only book us when needed. For example, for spring cleaning or before/after a family celebration or party.

  6. If I choose a periodic service, will I then be bond to a long term contract?

    No, we only come by when you need us. You can disable booked subscriptions at any time and cancel appointments.

  7. Are there additional cleaning services, like cleaning of the oven and/or refrigerator?

    Yes you can add simply add them as an extra during our booking process.

  8. Do you also clean windows?

    If necessary simply additionally book our window cleaning. The performance also includes the cleaning of the outer and inner surfaces of the window frame if they are easily accessible.
  9. Are doing the laundry, hanging up the laundry and ironing part of your service?

    Yes, you can add the services "hanging up the laundry" and "ironing" during the booking process. Currently, we do not offer the service "doing the laundry", because it would be ineffective to let our Maids wait until the washing machine is finished.
  10. Will the same maid always come to my home?

    Yes, however, it may happen that your Maid is currently working in another apartment on your desired date. Due to the careful selection and training of our employees the same high standard is guaranteed. If you book regular cleanings, your own personal maid will come by whenever possible.
  11. Can I trust your employees?

    That's a fair question, after all, you are letting strangers into your home. All our employees who come to you, are seen by us
    not only as employees, but as the backbone of our company. Therefore, they are carefully selected and trained in the use of cleaning equipment
    and dealing with you as a customer, are socially insured and taxed accordingly and are highly motivated to clean your home perfectly.

    You can read more about this here Über uns.

  12. How many maids will come by?

    Depending on the scope of the work between one and three maids.

  13. Can the maids also perform other tasks and can other tasks included in the package be excluded?

    Yes, of course. Simply write which services you would like to include/exclude during the order process into the comment section.

  14. Can I book single service (only cleaning of the floor etc.) and what would it cost?

    Yes, this is not a problem. In that case, give us a call or send us an email and we will make you an offer for your individual desire.

  15. Will the price increase if multiple maids come?

    No. All our prices are set. If multiple Maids clean, then they will be finished in a shorter time.

  16. Do I have to supply any cleaning materials?

    No. We will bring the optimal cleaning- agents and equipment with us for each appointment. They meet the highest professional standards. We work
    using a four-color system, featuring a different color for the sponges and microfiber cloths used for each room.
    This way we ensure that no cross contamination occurs.
  17. What if I'm not completely satisfied by the cleaning?

    Although this rarely is the case - our people are not robots and it may happen that you are not completely satisfied. But that is no problem: contact us within 24 hours after cleaning and we will come back and eliminate the problem. Without any extra cost, because we are not satisfied until you are!
  18. Do you also perform final cleanings and cleanings before moving in?

    Yes, simply choose the appropriate package.

  19. When and at which times will you come over to clean?

    Basically, our cleaning times are limited from Monday to Friday. All available appointments will appear during the booking process.

  20. Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

    No. most of our customers use this time either to work or to relax during a leisure activity. Another advantage is coming back home to a freshly cleaned apartment and not having to do anything else.
  21. How will you get into my apartment?

    There are 3 different possibilities.
    - You give us your key
    - You personally let us into your apartment
    - You leave your key at a particular place or with a particular person. That's up to you.
  22. How does the handover of the key take place, and what happens to my keys?

    During the handover of the key you will be given a form, in which we ensure that your key will be kept securely and will only be used during the defined hours, to gain access to your apartment.
  23. Do additional costs arise due to the drive?

    Depending on how far away you live, travel expenses may occur. However, these are displayed transparently during booking process.

  24. How can I see my invoices?

    Your bills are sent to you by email at the end of each month. In addition, you can download your bills from our customer menu at any time.

  25. Are your employees insured?

    All of our employees have liability- and accident insurance. That means if an employee injures himself or causes some kind of damage to your home, then the insurance company will be held liable. No costs arise to you.
  26. Payment on account

    Currently we only offer payment on account for our coporate customers. If you are a coperate customer then, simply select "cash" and write "payment on account please" into the comments section during the process of ordering. We will then make the appropriate changes.

  27. I want to purchase a/multiple Voucher(s)

    You want to make someone's day and give them a MaidEasy Voucher? Simply write us an e-mail with the desired amount to [email protected] and we will send you a voucher immediately. ( Sample vouchers for self print-out )

  28. Why was the full price and not the subscription price paid for the first purchase?

    The first appointment is always a trial appointment after which you decide for or against a further collaboration with us. That means even if you have booked a subscription, then you still have the option to cancel or services in the case of your dissatisfaction.

    That means we want to win you over with our great results, instead of with creative contract design.

  29. For subscriptions: I want to change my interval

    That is not a problem, and possible at any time. Simply send us an e-mail to service (ät) maideasy.de

  30. For subscriptions: I want to pause my subscription (e. g. vacation or other reason)

    Using your customer menu under "my subscriptions" you will be able to set a start date for your subscription. SImply set the date when your subscription should start again and your done.


    Notice: Already booked appointments will remain and must be manually cancelled using the customer menu.

  31. Licenses & Copyright for website content on Maideasy.de

    In case we couldn't take the key with us on during the first appointment, then you can send it to us at any time per post:


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    20146 Hamburg

  32. For subscriptions: How can I cancel my subscription

    Using the customer menu you have the opportunity to pause your subscription for as long as you want. If you want to utilize a cleaning again, then you don't have to register again, you simply have to reactivate your subscription.


    Furthermore, you also have the option to completely delete your account. To do so simply write an email to service (ät) maideasy.de

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