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Other Onliners Illegal Mom 'n Pop cleaning services
  Inclusive from 13€/hr from 10€/hr from 20€/hr
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Choose your maid
Keep your maid  Usually not usually
100% on time usually
Professional employees  Trained via YouTube
Communication  oftem no conversational german/english  
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Legit partner  Contract with cleaner usually
Safe Lockkeystorage
Bringing cleaning utilities
Inclusive prices
Personal customer service rep.

More time for valuable things.
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// Additional services

Window cleaning

Just book the amout of windows you've got and we'll handle the rest.

Fridge cleaning

We empty the fridge and clean it from bottom to top.

Oven cleaning

We can also scrub your oven. Just select it during your booking

And a lot more...

We can do a lot of other things to make your life even more convinient. Just ask us.

// No long term contracts

Being stuck with someone? We don't like that either.
Therefor we don't have an long term contracts that you're bound to. Just cancel your subscription whenever you like.

// Other advantages


    Save taxes

    20%-off our prices. Wanna know more?

    Cheap in comparison

    Event though our maids get paid very well, we don't compromise on pricing. Just compare it yourself.


    Something came up and you can't make it to the appointment? No problem, just cancel it online or drop us an email/call.


    You're looking for a one-time help or a want to have a long-term help in your apartment? We've got you covered.

    Environmental friendly

    We only use organic cleaning supplies.

    No smell

    You can only see how clean your apartment is, but won't have to bother with the smell of heavy-duty cleaning materials.

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