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// Your benefits as MaidEasy-Partner

Very good payment

You just set your working hours and we help you in finding the optimal pricing.

Strong brand

Our partners benefit from our premium brand "MaidEasy" that is positioned in the upper price segment. Customers have high expectations but are also willing to pay for it.

No complicated administration

We take care of all the administration for you. From appointment booking to payouts and accounting: As a partner you only have to take care of making our customers happy.

Flexible time management

Availability can be set for individuals or teams. Only these times can be booked by customers.

// Join us as a Partner today


  • You are self employed or a business owner allowed to work in Germany/EU
  • You are able to speak German and/or English well enough to efficiently communicate with our customers.

Your contacts

If you have any Questions you can contact us at any time. Simply give us a call:

040 22861047

or write us at:

[email protected]

Philip Hilke

Partnermanager North

Lena Bolotina

Partnermanager South