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// Our maids in Hamburg
Astrid & Uwe

Astrid & Uwe

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  •  Regulars 46
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Selma & Raif

Selma & Raif

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  •  Regulars 8
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// Maideasy in one glance
  • 5-Star service (just like in an hotel)

  • Pick your own maid

  • Extras like oven- and window cleaning, laundry etc.

  • Date selection & Instant confirmation

  • Liability insurance

  • Package prices (we are results-driven, you can see that in our price model)

// Full satisfaction guarantee
100% Zufriedenheitsgarantie

100 % satisfaction - or we will return and rectify it

We can't afford to have unsatisfied customers, hence we will do everything, to keep make sure you are pleased with the results of our cleaning. That means you are not pleased with something? We'll come back and rectify it. Free of charge.

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Finally: Your maid has been found in Hamburg

It can be very difficult to find a fitting maid. That is somehting I have had to learn as the founder of MaidEasy. All you want to do is find a maid in Hamburg, who can do your cleaning for you! You are probably not interested in casting houndreds of maids, our spending many hours searching for the right person. 

MaidEasy tries to solve this problem. And we are constantly getting better at it. Customers in Hamburg love the simplicity of our process, continual use of the same trustworthy maids and a competent contact person regarding customer service.That is my we are proud, that so many households in Hamburg trust us.  

Trust, Fairness and Quality

Integrity and maximum discretion

Hamburg lässt putzen

Being able to blindly trust your maid is of the utmost value. That is why we value friendly and open personalities and verify the CVs and backgrounds of our employees as thoroughly as possible.

In the end, the most important thing is that you can trust your maid and feel comfortable in your newly cleaned apartment.

Professional maids offering a 5-star service

When cleaning, it should be done properly! Even the most persistent stain is no problem for our maids. Our cleaning is done, just like in a 5-star hotel, to the highest standards. You can enjoy our offer with a clear conscious knowing we will do the job excellently.

Easy Communication

Our System is built in a way to make sure, that in the best case scenario you will only have to engage with us during the first booking. We do our best to make sure that the only time your realise you employ a maids service is when you return home to your clean apartment.

Our maids all speak german, either have a lot of experience or are professionally trained. If your maid is sick, we will send another one. Thus, you will never come up empty and your apartment is always visitors fit, no matter what happens.

The environment and your safety are close to our heart

The environment, as well as your safety, has the highest priority for us. That is my we make sure all of our cleaning agents are odorless and allergy neutral, as well as being biodegradable and environmentally friendly. You will have a clear conscious while using our professional service.

In case your plans change, simply cancel online

In case something comes up, and for what ever reason you won't be able to keep our appointment. Simply cancel or reschedule, up to 5 days before the appointment, free of charge.

Faire Entlohnung der Maids

Our maids earn a very fair wage, this leads to them doing their jobs perfectly. All this in spite of our cheap package prices.

Save money, despite the best service

Use package prices to save money

Seeing as our offer is made of package prices, you don't have to fear any unexpected costs. With us you'll know exactly which services you are getting at what price.

In case something happens

Are there valuables in the objects that need to be cleaned? Don't worry! With us you are fully insured and should an instance occur where damage is done, we will replace the whole amount in a minimum amount of time. We can guarantee you, that in the last few years no damage has been caused, because our maids do their jobs cleanly, properly and with the utmost of care.

Whether just once our regularly, we are flexible.

Our price structure offers a great deal of variability, so you will be able to design your offer to match your needs and expectations. If you choose to use one of our subscriptions you will be able to save even more money, without being caught in a long term contract. The quality of our service is the only thing we need to keep our happy customers coming back.

Get a tax refund

If you are making use of our Services as a private person then you will be able to receive an additional 20% off! Our service is tax deductible and all you have to do is give your invoices to your accountant or to the tax office and add them to your next tax return.

Getting ready to move?

We don't only offer professional cleaning, we will also gladly help you if you need help moving. So you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

Additional services for your requirements

Whether you want your windows, your oven or your fridge cleaned, we'll find the right services for you.

In and around Hamburg

Our services can be used in and around Hamburg. Whether it be in Eimbüttel, the old town, the new town, Winterhude, Rotherbaum, Altona or Blankenese. But we are also available in other parts of Hamburg. Simply enter your zip code and you will instantly see your availability.

Are you looking for the most reliable maids in Hamburg? You will only find them on MaidEasy.

Usually, we'll be able 

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Maideasy is a new cleaning service for private households in Hamburg, it was launched in March of 2013. We ensure, that you have more time for the nicer things in life: With an excellent service, transparent prices and simple operability. Mehr dazu here.
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