Office cleaning in Augsburg wanted? First-class service at a low price.

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You want a reliable cleaning service provider in Augsburg, who works with ecological products and offers fair prices? Then we would like to welcome you to Maideasy! Our cleaners are highly trained and will gladly take care of cleaning your office with sustainable, ecological and gentle products. Contact us today so that we can provide you with an attractive offer for office cleaning in Augsburg. We look forward to getting to know you!

Office cleaning in Augsburg wanted? First-class service at a low price.

Maideasy makes your office in Augsburg shine again with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

You want a reliable cleaning service provider in Augsburg, who works with ecological products and offers fair prices? Then we would like to welcome you to Maideasy! Our cleaners are highly trained and will gladly take care of cleaning your office with sustainable, ecological and gentle products. Contact us today so that we can provide you with an attractive offer for office cleaning in Augsburg. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Leave nothing to chance when it comes to office cleaning in Augsburg

Our cleaning professionals know exactly where dirt settles - even if it is not visible at first glance. Any dirt is removed with the utmost precision, attentiveness and efficiency. Our many 5-star ratings on a wide range of platforms testify to these high quality standards. At the same time, thanks to the speed of our qualified staff, we can offer the services at our fair prices. In order for us to continue to maintain and guarantee this value for money for our clients, we look closely at our applicants' files. In addition, our existing staff is constantly undergoing courses in which the latest cleaning techniques are taught. So even heavy contamination is no problem for us - we always work quickly and thoroughly.

You want to book an office cleaning in Königsbrunn, Untermeitingen, Altenmünster, Neusäß, Stadtbergen, Langweid am Lech, Zusmarshausen, Schwabmünchen, Gessertshausen, Diedorf or another locality in Augsburg? Then you can start enjoying the many services of Maideasy today! We are already active in many places in Augsburg with office cleaning and private cleaning. Your office is located in another locality in Augsburg? Don't worry! We are constantly expanding and covering more and more locations. Thus, we can certainly put together a suitable cleaning package for you as well. Simply contact us without obligation by filling out the form above.

Maideasy: Top Quality & Service

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Office cleaning, building cleaning, window cleaning, etc.

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Liability insurance for all cleaning staff

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Office cleaning Augsburg: So that you can devote yourself to your tasks

A professional office cleaning is suitable for every company and brings numerous advantages. Thus, your employees will always find themselves in a clean and tidy ambience, which increases work motivation and well-being. Your customers and business partners, in turn, will get a serious and competent impression of your company if it always shines in all its glory. Of course, regular cleaning can also be done in-house, but by outsourcing it to a service provider, your employees won't have to spend valuable time cleaning the workplace. Plus, our cleaning experts know exactly where dirt builds up. No speck of dust is safe from us - we'll be happy to transform your workplace back into a feel-good oasis. If your office is located in Neusäß, Untermeitingen, Dinkelscherben, Bobingen, Welden, Gessertshausen, Stadtbergen, Nordendorf, Fischach, Gablingen or in another locality in Augsburg, then request a free, no-obligation quote today.

These services include our office cleaning:

  • Vacuuming and wet mopping the floors
  • Emptying and cleaning the dustbins
  • Cleaning of all work surfaces
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Cleaning and disinfection of WCs
  • And many more works

Our services for commercial customers

Office cleaning

Office cleaning

We clean offices of all sizes and fully adapt to your needs. We are happy to offer individual services such as paper filling, food filling, etc. if required.
Building cleaning

Building cleaning

Whether office complex or warehouse. Building cleaning tailored to your needs.
Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Clear view on all sides. Our maids let the sun in again.
Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning

Whether old or glass building. We master every surface and every terrain.
Fruit delivery

Fruit delivery

Healthy snacks for your employees increase satisfaction and health in the office.
Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Our specialists will bring carpets and upholstery back into perfect shape for you.

Environmentally friendly office cleaning - germ-free and sustainable

Are there players in the cleaning industry who do not rely on corrosive and aggressive products and can still achieve a hygienic result? Yes - Maideasy! At Maideasy, we clean and disinfect exclusively with environmentally friendly cleaning products. It makes no difference whether it is the everyday removal of small coffee stains or the disinfection of sanitary facilities. Any stains are removed with green products that are free of pollutants and odors. Due to the ongoing trainings, our staff is well trained in the efficient use of ecological cleaning products. These are always used in the correct dosage depending on the materials and surfaces involved. Of course, any required cleaning agents are provided by us and are included in the price. Because both our environment and the health of our and your employees is close to our hearts.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Therefore, since our establishment, we are committed to fulfill any cleaning requests carefully, on time and at a small price. Our numerous 5-star ratings show us that we have been very successful in achieving this so far. This is made possible solely by our cleaning experts, who always go about their work in a highly motivated, responsible and efficient manner. The price for the cleaning service(s) is made up of individual factors, so we cannot give a flat rate for the cost. This is because the price is made up of your business space in square meters, the services you require and the intervals of the services. However, since transparency in our pricing is important to us, you can easily request a non-binding quote from us free of charge. This is then a fixed price. With us there are no hidden costs - we guarantee that.

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Not 100% satisfied with a cleaning performance? We'll come by again and make improvements - free of charge!

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Request your personal offer today at an incomparable price and enjoy our benefits for commercial customers!

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Customized office cleaning in Augsburg

Accuracy, experience, numerous services and an incomparable price-performance ratio: this is what distinguishes our service in Augsburg. So if you are looking for a reliable and long-term partner who can offer you a customized office cleaning, then Maideasy is the right place for you. As a business customer, you can put together your desired service individually from numerous services. We simply clean everything: from the facade, to the carpets, to the entire building. You don't necessarily need another cleaning service, but would like to increase the well-being of your employees even more? Then take a closer look at our optional fruit delivery. In order to adapt our services to your requirements in the best possible way, you can not only compile the services individually, but also determine the intervals of the individual services yourself. However, we can say from experience: regular services are very popular with our business customers - and for good reason!

This is what you can expect from Maideasy:

  • Services and cycles can be individually combined
  • Sustainable and gentle cleaning products
  • German speaking cleaning experts
  • 5 stars on a wide variety of platforms
  • Transparent fixed prices

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Maideasy: safe and easy to a clean office

In order for you to feel completely comfortable with the service provision, we would like to add the following promise: All our services are carried out with the utmost care, discretion and attentiveness. Sensitive information or data will not leave your business premises under any circumstances - because for us, confidentiality is the basis of a trusting cooperation. Even in the rare event that something comes to harm, you can rest easy knowing that all of our cleaners are covered by liability insurance. We want you to be able to book a cleaning with Maideasy with a safe conscience. In order to guarantee you this promise, we take special care in selecting our potential cleaners. A basic requirement for applicants to be shortlisted is that they must be able to speak German. In this way, we want to ensure that there is no language barrier and that any misunderstandings can be cleared up quickly.

Book an office cleaning in Augsburg today

Now that you know what Maideasy has in store for you in Augsburg, the ball is in your court. Request a free, no-obligation quote now! We have summarized exactly how this works here in brief:

  1. Tell us by form the name, location, your contact person and how we can reach you
  2. We will contact your contact person afterwards
  3. During the interview, state your desired scope of services, the size of your company and the desired frequency
  4. Optional services or special requirements for cleaning agents can be noted at this point
  5. We will put together a personal offer for you free of charge on the basis of all the information provided
  6. You can now accept, modify, or reject the offer

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Here you can book an office cleaning in Augsburg

Whether in Diedorf, Gessertshausen, Altenmünster, Schwabmünchen, Fischach, Gablingen, Königsbrunn, Gersthofen, Meitingen, Dinkelscherben, Zusmarshausen or in the surrounding area: We are already active at numerous locations in Augsburg and are constantly expanding our range of services. If your office is located in Augsburg and you are looking for a reliable cleaning partner, we hope to welcome you soon as a new business customer of Maideasy.


Basic questions about Maideasy:

Yes, all our business customers have a personal contact person at Maideasy who can be contacted at any time with questions or suggestions. During your booking, you will discuss your desired services, the respective service cycle, as well as all further details regarding the cleaning with a Maideasy employee. This employee will also be your contact person if you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to make any changes to your booking. Our staff will respond to all your concerns as quickly and as effectively as possible, because your satisfaction is our top priority. So do not hesitate to contact us - we are always happy to receive feedback on our services.

We attach great importance to a transparent cost breakdown. However, since every company and therefore every cleaning service required is unique, it is not possible to make any blanket statements about prices at this point. The business area, your service package and the corresponding intervals play a role in the composition of the price. However, we would like to give you planning security and comparison possibilities. Therefore, you can easily find out the cost of the cleaning service you would like to have by requesting a non-binding and free quote from us. To do this, all you have to do is fill out the contact form and send it back to us. After you provide us with all the necessary details about the company and your desired services, our staff will put together a quote for you. The price indicated there is then a fixed price.

Office cleaning is a cleaning that requires a lot of trust in the cleaning staff. After all, personal or company-related data is processed every day in every company. We are aware of this. You can be sure with Maideasy that any information will remain in your office. Discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. Already during the application process we pay attention to the trustworthiness and reliability of our prospective cleaners. At the same time, it is a basic requirement that our cleaners are German-speaking. This way we can ensure that there are no misunderstandings between our business customers and our employees due to language barriers.

Maideasy office cleaning is a basic cleaning of your company. Accordingly, a variety of cleaning tasks are performed. Among other things, all work surfaces are dusted and cleaned, all floors are vacuumed and mopped, the sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected, and the common rooms, kitchen and business premises are cleaned. In addition to office cleaning, however, we have numerous additional services for our business customers. These include carpet cleaning, building cleaning, facade cleaning and optional fruit delivery. You can book office cleaning as a single service or in combination with any other service. You can also easily adjust the intervals of the individual services to your needs and book them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You will arrange everything for the service provision together with one of our employees, who will contact you after you submit the form above.
Our cleaners are professionals and well trained to perform any cleaning services with care and caution. However, they also always proceed thoroughly and quickly. We have been able to maintain this quality standard since our establishment thanks to annual training courses for our cleaners. These ongoing training courses also mean that they are highly skilled in removing any dirt, no matter how heavy, using our sustainable and compatible products. However, in the rare event that something should come to harm as a result of the cleaning work or the products used, you need not worry! Our cleaners are covered by liability insurance for such cases.

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Maideasy now also takes over office cleaning in Augsburg and its surroundings. With this, the company is expanding another location. In addition to office cleaning, Maideasy also offers cleaning of buildings, facades, windows and more for business customers.
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