Office cleaning in Duisburg wanted? Maideasy is your reliable cleaning expert.

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Are you looking for an office cleaning service in Walsum, Ruhrort, Neuenkamp, Kaßlerfeld, Dellviertel, Hochfeld, Wanheimerort, Hochemmerich, Vierlinden, Aldenrade, Wehofen or in a surrounding town in Duisburg? Then Maideasy is the right cleaning service for you. Maideasy is already active in many companies. We offer not only office cleaning at this location, but also many other services that you can easily book. These include cleaning of facades, buildings, windows and more.

Office cleaning in Duisburg wanted? Maideasy is your reliable cleaning expert.

We make business premises in Duisburg shine again.

Are you looking for an office cleaning service in Walsum, Ruhrort, Neuenkamp, Kaßlerfeld, Dellviertel, Hochfeld, Wanheimerort, Hochemmerich, Vierlinden, Aldenrade, Wehofen or in a surrounding town in Duisburg? Then Maideasy is the right cleaning service for you. Maideasy is already active in many companies. We offer not only office cleaning at this location, but also many other services that you can easily book. These include cleaning of facades, buildings, windows and more.

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Office cleaning Duisburg: In the twinkling of an eye to old freshness

Clean business premises are the be-all and end-all of a company. After all, the offices and business premises are often the first thing that external people, such as customers or new employees, perceive about your business. With clean business premises, you not only make a serious impression on your customers, but also ensure a productive and positive working atmosphere. But cleaning involves effort. In order to relieve your employees and still be able to show off an impeccably clean company, you should leave the office cleaning to a professional cleaning service provider. With Maideasy, your office will shine again in a flash.

It is important to us to implement all your requirements and wishes. To make this happen, we have customizable services for our customers. How much your personal office cleaning in Duisburg will cost depends on several factors. These include: the cleaning cycle, the location of the office, the business area you want cleaned, and the scope of services. At Maideasy you have the possibility to book not only office cleaning, but also special cleaning services such as window cleaning, facade cleaning or building cleaning. You can book all our services individually or you can combine office and additional services.

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Office cleaning from the experts - with Maideasy

With us, no cleaning wish remains unfulfilled. In order for you to be satisfied with our cleaning services, we hold a personal meeting with a contact person from your company during the booking process. The aim of this conversation is to discuss all your requirements and wishes regarding cleaning with you, so that the services are carried out to your complete satisfaction. One of these details is the business area you would like to have cleaned. This information is especially important for Maideasy, because depending on the size, there may be several cleaners on duty. However, whether you run a small, medium or large business, Maideasy will be happy to take care of your office cleaning. We offer numerous specialized cleaning services that you can book in combination with office cleaning in Duisburg. The services range from facade cleaning to window cleaning to building cleaning and include many more services. Thanks to ongoing training for professional qualification, our cleaners are perfectly trained for any kind of dirt control.

Our office cleaning includes the following services:

  • Cleaning the entrance area
  • Cleaning the workrooms
  • Cleaning all floors
  • Cleaning of the office kitchen or refectory
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities
  • As well as other services

Our services for commercial customers

Office cleaning

Office cleaning

We clean offices of all sizes and fully adapt to your needs. We are happy to offer individual services such as paper filling, food filling, etc. if required.
Building cleaning

Building cleaning

Whether office complex or warehouse. Building cleaning tailored to your needs.
Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Clear view on all sides. Our maids let the sun in again.
Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning

Whether old or glass building. We master every surface and every terrain.
Fruit delivery

Fruit delivery

Healthy snacks for your employees increase satisfaction and health in the office.
Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Our specialists will bring carpets and upholstery back into perfect shape for you.

Looking for a cleaner in Duisburg? In just a few steps to a clean office.

With so many cleaning service providers, it is not easy to find a reliable partner for office cleaning in Duisburg. If you are looking for a reliable and long-term partner for office cleaning, Maideasy is the right choice for you. With clean and impeccably tidy business premises, you will make a perfect first impression on your business clients and new employees. What's more, your employees will feel more comfortable: studies have proven that clean offices have a positive effect on the productivity and mood of your employees. So that your employees don't have to worry about cleaning the office space in addition to their core business, Maideasy will gladly take over the cleaning of your offices in Duisburg. This will relieve your employees in the long run. After you have decided to accept our cleaning offer, we will take care of everything - from the procurement of cleaning materials to the ongoing cleaning.

Numerous companies in Duisburg have already decided to partner with Maideasy. Is your office located in Baerl, Marxloh, Hamborn, Neumühl, Obermarxloh, Röttgersbach, Huckingen, Mündelheim, Hüttenheim, Duissern, Hochheide or a surrounding town? Then Maideasy is the right partner for your office cleaning in Duisburg. Since we are not only active in Duisburg, but all over Germany, we can certainly cover your office location optimally and offer you long-term reliable cleaning.

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Not 100% satisfied with a cleaning performance? We'll come by again and make improvements - free of charge!

Secure cleaning appointment

Customer satisfaction is very important to us as well as to our employees. Therefore, we are always trying to find the best solution for our customers. If there is a defect, then we are always trying to eliminate it as soon as possible. Therefore, we will send a cleaning team to your office location again, which will clean the deficient/missing area again 100% free of charge.

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Offices to feel good in Duisburg

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority at Maideasy. Therefore, our basic principle is to offer a clean, timely and reliable cleaning. With our highly trained cleaners, it is also no problem to keep this promise. To ensure that our cleaners have the necessary experience and expertise, we conduct a rigorous application process and regular training. Through these constant trainings, our team perfects existing work methods and always masters the latest cleaning techniques. As a result, our cleaners are not only optimally qualified for office cleaning in Duisburg, but also for the cleaning of special surfaces. So nothing stands in the way of immaculate facade, building or window cleaning as well as other special services. Depending on the size of your business space or your desired scope of services, several cleaners can be deployed. It doesn't matter whether you want cleaning to take place at regular intervals or on an as-needed basis: During the booking process, you can individually determine the rhythm of all your desired services. Convince yourself of the convenience of our booking and the professional expertise of our team!

What you can expect from Maideasy and our cleaning team:

  • German speaking cleaning staff
  • Expertise and qualifications
  • Flexible utilization
  • On time and clean work ethic
  • Personal contact person on site
  • Numerous 5 star ratings

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Environmentally friendly office cleaning

A hygienic and at the same time ecological office cleaning - is it possible? Yes! Maideasy is committed to ensuring that all services are carried out in compliance with the strictest hygienic standards. At the same time, it is important for us to avoid using aggressive cleaning products that are harmful to health. Therefore, we make sure that our cleaning products are effective as well as ecological and sustainable. It does not matter whether we are talking about the cleaning of business premises or special services such as facade or window cleaning: Our cleaning products used are environmentally friendly. In this way, we would like to make our contribution to the protection of the environment. During the booking process, you have the option to choose whether you would like to apply the cleaning products yourself or whether Maideasy should take care of providing them. Should business partners choose the independent option, it is our concern that they also use odorless and pollutant-free products. After all, every company should actively protect the environment and not burden it unnecessarily.

Book office cleaning in Duisburg easily and securely

Booking an office cleaning is completed in just a few steps. How exactly you get to your flexible, individual offer, we explain here:

  1. Enter your data in the form above
  2. Afterwards a Maideasy employee will get back to you
  3. In this personal meeting all details and wishes regarding the cleaning service are discussed
  4. Additional services, such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and more, you can book in combination here
  5. We will create an individual, non-binding offer for you using the information provided
  6. After receiving the offer, you can decide whether Maideasy is the right cleaning partner for your company

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Office cleaning in Duisburg: Here you can find us

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner for your office cleaning in Duisburg or the surrounding area? Then get in touch with us now. As a reliable cleaning service provider, we are happy to fulfill all your cleaning wishes and needs on a long-term basis. You would like to request an office cleaning in Walsum, Mündelheim, Ruhrort, Marxloh, Neuenkamp, Baerl, Hochemmerich, Duissern, Hamborn, Neumühl, Kaßlerfeld, Röttgersbach, Huckingen, Obermarxloh, Hochheide or in a surrounding town? Then Maideasy is the right place for you. Our office cleaning services are available throughout Duisburg. After contacting us, we will put together an individual and non-binding offer for you. Come and enjoy our uncomplicated and professional office cleaning services in Duisburg - we are looking forward to a long-term cooperation!


The most important questions about Maideasy:

It is our concern to always satisfy our customers with our cleaning offers. The numerous positive reviews from private and commercial customers show us that we have also been implementing this guiding principle in the best possible way for years. Thanks to our rigorous application process, we can guarantee that all our cleaners are professionally qualified, reliable and on time. We also make sure that the cleaning agents we use are hygienic and effective, but at the same time gentle and environmentally friendly. However, if you have any suggestions or comments regarding our services, please contact us or your personal contact so that we can respond to your recommendations. After all, we want you to be fully satisfied with Maideasy and for the office cleaning in Duisburg to be carried out without any concerns or risks.

All Maideasy cleaners undergo a rigorous selection process. A general basic requirement is the command of the German language. This way we want to guarantee that no misunderstandings or problems arise due to the language. At the same time, we make sure that our workers are professionally qualified and share our basic principles of reliability and adherence to deadlines. Regular training also ensures that our cleaners perfect existing cleaning techniques and are constantly learning new ones. This allows cleaning services to be performed efficiently and effectively while maintaining our promised quality standards. We always aim to perform our services to the highest satisfaction of our customers, creating a long-term good working relationship for all parties.

Maideasy has been active throughout Germany for years and has now also gained a foothold in Duisburg. We are active in the center of Duisburg as well as in the surrounding area and may already count numerous customers among our partners. Among others, you can already find us at the following locations: Hochemmerich, Duissern, Hamborn, Neumühl, Kaßlerfeld, Röttgersbach, Huckingen, Beeck, Meiderich, Laar, Bruckhausen, Bergheim, Friemersheim, Buchholz, Großenbaum, and others. If your office location is not listed, that is not a problem. Just contact us if you are looking for a reliable cleaning partner in Duisburg or the surrounding area. We are sure that we can cover your location as well with our numerous cleaners.

You can book an office cleaning with Maideasy in just a few steps. After you have filled out and sent the form above, a Maideasy employee will get back to you personally. This employee will then be your personal contact and will agree with you on all details regarding the cleaning service, such as the rhythm of the office cleaning or any additional services you may require. If you are unable to attend the cleaning on the agreed date or wish to make a change to the service, you are welcome to contact your personal contact. We can understand that with bookings made in advance, there can always be changes and we react flexibly to any restructuring. Since all our business customers already have a personal contact person at Maideasy during the booking process, nothing stands in the way of a quick, joint solution.
Office cleaning by experts has numerous advantages. Studies have shown that a clean working environment has a positive effect on the mood and productivity of employees. At the same time, with cleaned and tidy office space, you create a competent and professional impression to your customers, business partners and new employees. Since this constant maintenance involves a lot of effort, a professional cleaning company should take care of the work. This way, your employees can focus on their core work. So if you are looking for reliable and on-time office cleaning in Duisburg, Maideasy is the right choice. Our qualified and German-speaking staff will make sure that your offices and business premises shine again in no time. In addition, we attach great importance to sustainable and ecological cleaning agents, which are at the same time effective and lead to a hygienic end result. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact your personal contact person on site.

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The company Maideasy continues to expand and now offers office cleaning in Duisburg and its surrounding area. Get konsteless quotes now.
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